Cascadeflyers Tools

   On-line Weight and Balance: Interactive web-forms and downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to calculate weight and balance for our two aircraft are available here: for our C172 or for our 182.
  Tabular METARs using our METAR cycle file interpreter. This interpreter reproduces a cycle file interpreter NOAA used to offer. Enter a METAR site location (KPAE, for example) and this program will show you the past 36 hours of METAR readings interpreted in an easy-to-view table format. NOTE: This page is not an official source of flight-planning information.
  IFR Flight Location/Logs allows you to view the position and flight logs of any aircraft that is flying under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This includes any currently active IFR flight in the aircraft or past flights (may require registration to view long flight history). You can access this for either of our two aircraft by using these links (opens in new window): N1383U N2608R
  Interactive Map of WA Airports Locate your favorite, or find a new favorite Washington State airport using this interactive map. This isn't for navigational purposes, but can help you find a neat place to go visit! Point to an airport push-pin for the name, click on that for airport details from

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