Instructions: Enter weights and quantities in the
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below. The weight and moment will be automatically calculated and graphed on the figure below the form. You can also download an Excel weight & balance spreadsheet for this aircraft here or Switch to on-line form for the C182.
N1383U - C172 Weight & Balance Calculator
Aircraft empty weight: lb in inch-pounds
Pilot and front seat passenger: lb in inch-pounds
Rear seat passengers: lb in inch-pounds
Fuel: gals lb in inch-pounds
Baggage: lb in inch-pounds

Total weight: lb Total moment: inch-pounds

Warning: This calculation is only for reference and for this aircraft alone.
Pilot should perform all necessary calculations prior to flight.
This calculation should not be used for any other aircraft.

This page adapted from the original written by D. Williams and
found at: http://www.dmjwilliams.co.uk/gbsep_weight_balance.htm